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  • How is it with Wi-Fi and network connection?

    How is it with Wi-Fi and network connection? The mobile network is in most of the regions good, but not in all, especially not in the rural areas like in the mountains. We can organize you a local SIM card for mobile calls and internet connection. The price is between 4-5 EUR per SIM at the moment (Jun.2016). In regards to the Wi-Fi connection: There are many hotels and restaurants in the cities with hotspots where you can enjoy the internet.
  • Can we buy toiletries in the country?

    Can we buy toiletries in the country? As long as you are in Addis you can buy anything needed for the daily use. In rural areas it is getting a bit tricky with special stuff like women hygiene products etc. So better to buy the basics like shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, wet wipes before travelling through the country. Sun blocker we would always recommend to by in your home country. We can send you a packing list as well, if you like, so you won’t forget anything.
  • Which languages are spoken?

    The national language is Amharic, but a large percentage of Ethiopians speaks English as well. Our local guides are multilingual and if you wish speaking: English, German, Spanish or other languages, just feel free to ask according to your preferences. Megenanja as your friend is always reachable for you even during your journeys.
  • What is a recommended and useful luggage amount?

    What is a recommended and useful luggage amount? It’s always recommended to take a bigger backpack with you if you are going hiking or trekking. But you don’t have to take your whole luggage to the mountains. You can also leave it in your hotel until you are back. But always think about if it’s really necessary to take valuables like jewelry with you etc. You are going on an adventure we are telling you everything you need before you leave and if you like we send you a packing list. Regarding the air transport please check out the free luggage allowance and extra charge for special things like: mountain bikes, of your airline or ask us if we are booking your international flight.
  • Is there instant food available?

    Is there instant food available? You can get instant noodles in most of the shops and supermarkets around. You need only some boiled water for it. For the hikers and trekkers among yourselves: On hikes with us you will have no worries about the food. We buy enough and you have a cook on your side. If you decide to buy things on you on the go for dried fruits and canned food, likewise oats, jams, honey and other similar stuff. Please stay away from things which need to be cooled or have no long shelf life like milk and cheese etc. On treks you have no fridge and in the hotels you have sometimes not constantly electric power, so better to take other things with you.
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